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December 16, 2016
By L&L Photography
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Today on the Blog is this gorogoes Houston family that I was luckly enough to photograh for the 2 year in a row! Justin & Ali explain some of the reasons they booked with Lindsey Lee Photography and talk about some of the highlights of their family session!


" Why are these photos so Important to you?"

These photos are important to me because my son is growing so fast, and it is hard for me to capture all of the cute things that he does myself. Also, I am never able to get photos of him with me, so they are something that I can treasure forever.



"Why did you pick Lindsey Lee Photography to take your precious family photo's?"

The first time that I chose Lindsey to take our family photos was because I was referred by a friend. When I looked at her photos compared to other family photographer, her photos just seemed magical. She is really able to capture the wonder that a child has. Also for the second question...We were so pleased with our first set of photos, and how pleasant Lindsey was to work with that we couldn't wait to take photos with her again.


"What did you enjoy most about your session with Lindsey?"

It is hard to choose a favorite part about working with Lindsey. She is patient with our two year old, and unlike other photographer that we have worked with, she doesn't seem like she is in a hurry to finish the shoot. She will take as many photos and spend as much time as necessary to get the best shots. She is really able to capture my child's personality in photos.



"Was everything you wanted captured to your expectations?"

As always, everything was above and beyond any expectations that I had. My two year old goes 90 miles/minute, so I know that it has to be difficult to get photos of him, but we couldn't be happier with all of the photos that we received.

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