How to prepare for a successful family session
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March 18, 2018
By Lindsey Lee Photography
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Listen I know how exciting (stressful) it can be once you book a family session! Coordinating wardrobe, deciding on a location, worrying are my children even going to behave, taking off working, talking your significant other into the session the first place! But I am here to tell you it does not have to be that way! I am about to give you some simple steps to follow so you can have an enjoyable family session!


1. Get help with wardrobe!

Feeling overwhelmed with selecting wardrobe? Don't hesitate to ask for advice from your photographer! We love to help clients choose the best closet, and we know what colors will coordinate best with the location and which patterns to avoid. Think about what you have always imagined your family photos to look like. Do you love soft pastels, light and airy, boho style, bold and dramatic? Don't be afraid to add fun accessories to add some personality to your photos! I always recommend mom finding her outfit first because usually, we are the hardest to please (guilty) kids have all sorts of great options and are much easier to shop for. Pinterest is also an excellent source of ideas when it comes to selecting wardrobe! Here is a link my personal favorites for Spring photos


2. Pick a location that represents your families personality

I usually recommend picking a location that would be a place that you and your family enjoys! Does your family enjoy going to the beach? Chances are if you do your home decor will also reflect what you love and will match nicely and once the session is all done. Once your photos are hung around your home, it will be at a location your family loves and will be a reminder of that happy moment! I always have a consultation with my clients to go over areas but keep in mind the colors and style of your home while selecting a location. ( Example: Is your home decor farmhouse? Maybe the best position would be wheat filed or rustic barn)


3. Make sure you give your family PLENTY of time to get ready and that their well rested!

This is one of the most important tips! Mom's I encourage you to have your hair and makeup done professionally and in plenty of time before you need to get kiddos ready. You do not want to be running out the door with children half dressed and crying and rushing though 5'o'clock traffic to your photo session! Make sure you lay out all clothing and accessories the night before your session! Do not order dress last minute and pray that Amazon is at your door 9 pm the day before LOL (okay guilty again) All jokes aside planning ahead is KEY to a successful session! Make sure everyone is well rested the night before. Most meetings are going to be an hour before sundown which usually means you will need to remember most people are leaving work at that time start 30 mins before you think you need to go! It's okay to pack your children clothing in the car so you can change them right before the session.


4. Don't stress about everyone smiling and looking at the camera.

Parents we understand that you've put a lot of time and money into this session, and you won't ever photo picture perfect, but when you arrive just let the photographer run the show! Enjoy your family and do not worry about having everyone look and smile! I can guarantee some of your favorite photos are going to be the ones that everyone is laughing or interacting with each other! These are photos you will cherish the most because they will show the connection and love between your family.


5. Talk with your husband before the session about being cheerful

Nothing makes me sadder than a dad not smiling or interacting with their family during a session. It can ruin your family photos all together. Ask your husbands to please be cheerful and to participate. I realize that some dads dread a family session, but let them know how important this photo session is to you. These images will be passed down generations and will be left as a legacy. Family photos are treasured forever and remember your children and their children will be cherishing these photos forever! Plus you will make you're significant other so happy ;)


Now that you have some great tips for a successful family session are you ready to book your very own? Lindsey Lee Photography is located in Baltimore, Maryland and travels to Houston, Texas and South Florida frequently! To learn more click here:
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