Kris & Terria Engagments session, sherwood gardens baltimore md
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August 31, 2016
By Lindsey Lee Photography
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Selecting an engagement photographer to me is very personal. For me personally I want to be able to capture the love between a couple perfectly. Being able to get couples to feel comfortable and for them to be able to just be themselves and look picture perfect weather that means in the moment , laughing and dancing together, is an art form in it self to be able to capture the special bond between a couple to be able to portray and tell stories though photographs is something I always strive for. Location selection is always key, Terria told me she wanted flowers, elegance and loved my vibrant yet dreamy edits, Sherwood Gardens located in Baltimore Maryland instantly popped in mind this place is so charming and elegant.

This couple truly had a undeniable love for one another. I am so honored to be the one to meet and photograph such a beautiful couple. I wish them many years of happiness, love and joy!

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