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March 01, 2016
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Out with the old in with the new! It is that time of year that we all look forward to ! The sun is finally shining the snow is melting (Well almost) and flowers and trees are starting to bloom ahhh yes a breathe of fresh air! With that said I am excited to announce I will be coming out with some really gorgeous new editing videos! In addition to new videos, I have some new concepts that I am really excited to announce! I will be releasing a new set of videos complete with some behind the scenes videos! Giving you a glance at How I set up each shoot, how I get inspired, creating unique sets and understanding lighting and exposure in every situation! Powerful editing starts with capturing strong images in camera and I am here to show you all my secrets! Nothing will be left out! So whats all this mean???

Basically one-on-one mentoring from the comfort of your own home! You will have the ability to download theses step by step tutorials to your computer! YES finally! No more spending thousands to travel, no more scrambling to jot down notes while trying to pay attention to your mentor! It's as simple as hitting the pause button and re watching it as many times as you would like! If your anything like me when Im learning a new technique I need to re watch it , try it myself and re watch it at least 10 more times for me to really grasp it. Isn't that what learning is all about? I want you to really learn all of the elements it takes to create a strong photography style and in order to do that it starts with the basics fundamentals of photography! 

Today March1st-March 4th I will be putting my videos on sale! I will be discounting them after March 4th and plan to launch my new tutorials complete with behind the scene in the end of April so keep your eyes peeled! To take advantage of this special please click here: http://blog.llphotographybylindsey.com/mentoring


Details to follow on my fb page : https://www.facebook.com/LLPhotographyByLindsey

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