One-on-One mentoring Lindsey Lee Photography Baltimore, Maryland
July 23, 2015
By Lindsey Lee Photography
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My story
I can look back and so vividly recall the day I started my photography business. So scared and overwhelmed yet I knew this is what I was put on this planet to do but where to start?! Photoshop forget it is this a foreign language right? Yes, I think so! This is a great camera but what's all this talk about "M- mode?", Magic mode? Oh, Manuel mode huh.. Yes, it was all so much to take in at once! I recall my first session a maternity session I actually thought the photos looked great yikes to embarrassed to even share them! Posing and lighting I struggled with, I knew I had an artist's eye but I had so much on my mind that it was so hard to claim my nerves and allow my visions come to life. That was 8 years ago and here I am today! I don't claim to be the best, but I feel I know so much more confident now than ever. Years of trial and error, research and practice. I feel confident to have a style that is consistent and It is really nice when I hear others tell me they knew that was my photo in their news feed without seeing my name on it! That is what I want to do for you! I hate to see talented photographers through there dreams away out of frustration or thinking they are not good enough! Do you ever feel like that? I know I have felt that way many times. There is no reason to throw your dreams away. I love what I do I wake up every day so excited to work because in all reality I am living my dream I never dread waking up to do what I absolutely love and have so much passion for! 

One-On-One with Lindsey 
Whether you are brand new to photography or looking for some artistic encouragement,  I am here for you. We will start the day with a heart to heart consultation at my studio located in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the perfect opportunity to as those burning questions! I will listen to you and find out where you struggle and what you want to get out of our day. I always suggest you write a list of these questions before hand.  At this point, I will do your profile review and find your strengths and weakness and come up with a plan of action.  We will then meet at our location with our pre-selected model for our hands-on session your session I will guide you with how to style your session. The finished product will be a great way to build your portfolio! I will show you my techniques and help you every step of the way. All one-on-ones are designed to fit your needs. After our session, we will have some lunch at my favorite restaurant downtown ( On me of course). Then we will head back to my studio to edit the top 3 photos from our session. 

What is included
*Portfolio Review/consultation 
*Posing & connecting with your client
*Getting your clients to naturally interact allowing you to capture real candid moments
*Learn hand editing 
*Colorful, rich and dramatic edits
*Soft dreamy edits
*Tack sharp Images
*Master creamy skin & color correcting 
*Infusing light into your photos
*Techniques I use to nail expose & sharpness in camera
*Learn to create a consistent look
* Q&A where you can ask me any questions you might have about anything photography and editing related in the last hour of the workshop.
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Dorota Kishel - Hi Guys,

Back in August my husband was wonderful enough to Spend part of his vacation watching our toddler daughter while i was attending workshop with lindsey from L&L Photography. Lindsey is one of a kind and she is truly curious in learning about you as an artist and a person to help you understand how you can become a photographer/artist you always wanted to be. she is the kindest person in the whole world and will support you every step of a way which doesn't happened often. the workshop was packed with activities which i really appreciated because i came thirsty for knowledge like a sponge, ready to absorb everything i could and lindsey the entire time was an open book. you could ask her anything you want and she would gladly answer. if i had to use one word to describe my time in baltimore that day, i would say astounding. i left feeling inspired and ready to go back to work to apply my knowledge. lindsey's workshop was everything i needed and since the workshop i have never been so busy in my entire life and it has been a truly amazing year for me both personally and professionally. -Dorota Kishel-
joy cohen - Hi,
Interested in this!
Can you email me pricing?
Lindsey Gutierrez - Yes, will do!
Lindsey Gutierrez - Hi Desirae!

The link is provided here on the blog . I will also send it to your email! I look forward to working with you . Thank you so much.
Desirae - Hello there! I am interested in your menroring program but did not see any pricing options. I am pregnant and due in November and would be interested in your October or January spot.

I started my photography business a year and a half ago and I am always looking for ways to improve and definitely looking for ways to improve my editing style. I look forward to hearing from you!!