Birth Story
February 04, 2015
By Lindsey Gutierrez
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Grab a tissue box and be prepared to witness the best moments life has to offer! I had the great honor of photographing the most beautiful, fulfilling moment ! Out of all of my years being a photographer this was defitnely one of the most memorable sessions!

I think a birth sessions are one of the most important life changing moments to have photographed. Mom's can you recall the birth of your children? Of course you do (pretty hard to forget) But can you clearly recall the little details? There first breathe of air, first glance at your face, first kiss from there daddy, first feeding? As a mother in labor you often miss all of what is going on around you since your probably pretty occupied with the situation at hand! Newborns change from hour to hour and I wish I had a birthing session done! I feel like the whole labor process is like a big blur to me now it all happens so fast, almost like you where  in a time warp! I realize that many loved ones are not able to be there in the moment of a birth, I hope to make you feel in the moment with these photos! Let the journey began enjoy!

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Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you kindly!
Tug - excellent photographs and excellent display of the story
Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you Kelsey <3
Kelsey | Las Vegas Baby Photographer - You captured this special moment beautifully xoxo
Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you !
Kristin Meek - Just LOVE them all!!!!!