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March 21, 2016
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*What makes a great child modeling portfolio?*

Lets talk about first impressions! In the modeling industry your comp card/portfolio will always be presented to the agencies or client before you even walk in the door. Its that simple! It is so important to select a photographer that has critical eye for the type of photograhy style you are trying to achieve. You do not want good or okay photos you want WOW. My best piece of advice to you parents is to set your standrads high. Your portifilo should only have WOW photos. You do not need a abundance of photos. I would say a maxiuim of 20 WOW images.


*What is important to show within my portfiio*

Well, we already covered the fact that your images need to have a WOW factor so next which is just as important you will need to be sure to have a photographer that your child is comfortable working with. Most children experienced or not will need guidance though their entire session with posing and portraying different emotions, agencies want to see that your child can portray various charters ( different facial expressions ect.) You photographer should beable to help guide you with posing, making the right selection on wardrobe and locations so that he/she can market you the best way possible. Remember if you want professional work you need to have a professional portfilo. 


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