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March 13, 2017
By Lindsey Lee Photography
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What is a sitter session?

A sitter session is when your baby is able to independently sit up on there own. Typically 6-9 months old. Before they can run loss ha! I feel this is such a missed photographed aged and that makes me so sad because this is the age when babies really show so much expression, personality, have those chubby cheeks and thighs and are really, that real "Gerber baby" stage.


What is a sitter session with Lindsey like?

FUN!!! Besides hearing my dreaded singing voice , occasional animal sounds and snorts to get your babies attention sitter sessions are so much FUN! I LOVE babies and I think I tend to have just as much fun with these sessions as the babies!

I recommend booking a sitter session right after babies morning nap (after lunch) or when babies you know your baby is happiest! I try my best to cover as many poses as possible within our short time frame since most babies have a short attention span at this age. I recommend a 30-60 minute session for these types of session which is also enough  time to capture lots of expressions! I also believe its important to allow plenty of time for baby to break, have a snack and/or breastfeed making sure you never feel pressured or rushed.

I work hard to provided a unique and personable experience for all of my sessions! Each sitter session is taking place in my comfortable home studio and by appointment only. You will have your option to include any of the props I have (as seen in photos above & below) wardrobe and furs , your welcome to bring a special outfit/ prop as well. My sitter session style is organic using lots of vintage or wooden props, soft furs and adorable handmade outfits and it is also forever growing. Once our session is finished we will get together either online or in person within a week and go over your gallery! When your at my studio you will have the option to see all my products, albums as well as prints and canvases if you decide to go that route! Digitals are also a popular option as well. After you make your selection I will apply fine art editing to all of your finished photos ensuring each image is a master piece! I pride my business on art for the home and fine art printing . 

Pointers for a successful session:

*Make sure your appointment is booked when baby is happiest

*Bring your babies favorite toys

*Bring only one other adult if necessary (bringing siblings & extra family members may sound like a good idea however babies at this age can get overwhelmed and distracted very easily making it difficult to capture the best expressions and candid poses) 

* Bring snacks, bottles 

* set aside about an hour for your session even if your session is only 30 mins long, I like to take my time and give baby a break if he/she needs one

* Have fun! Once you walk in my studio you can relax no stressing aloud! That is my job to jump around like a luntaic  



Lindsey Lee photography is a five star rated, award winning child and family fine art portrait photographer. Lindsey is a ceritifed member of the Professional Photographers Association. Serving all of Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas. Lindsey's studio is located in Towson, Maryland. For more information give us a call or shot us a email!

Lindsey Lee Photography

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MARIA - omg! These are so adorable! I can't wait until my baby is ready for her sitter sessions! Can you please email me your availability for May?
Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you so much Stephanie, I would be honored!
Lindsey Gutierrez - Hi Maria! We are so excited to meet the new baby! You can click on "Book now" to book or I can send you an invoice . I look forward to seeing you all again!
Stephanie - Oh my goodness. These are absolutely adorable!

If I'm ever in the Baltimore area, I hope to book your for a family session!