Mady's birthday downtown birthday session
April 07, 2016
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I feel every teen should be photographed. Why? Well, teens are just learning who they are, its such a transitional and exciting time in there lives. I feel this is an age that is so often not photographed and why not capture it before they are off to collage. To me thats such a reality with my oldest turning 12 this year I can't believe how fast time goes! I mean seriously she was just born last week right! Not to mention teens no longer seem to go through that awkward stage ... why is that!? I clearly recall wearing a face mask with rubber bands going from the back of me teeth to attaching to a metal retainer lost case lol oh and pimples apparently those are a thing of the past ! Take one look at Mady and you will see what I mean! She is breathtaking! I am sure this is a great for her self confidence as well. I am so glad her mom finds it as important to have her photographed as me! Mady is a super sweet kind hearted soul and I hope I captured that. Enjoy! To book your child's teen session today please click here :!/page/188839/contact-us- 

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Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you!
Terri Richard - Awesome. Nice.
Shelley Gomez - Absolutely stunning young lady! Love her to pieces xoxox