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April 14, 2016
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“Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer”


*To the tune of the timeless classic-Fergalicious*


Listen up y’all, ‘cause this is it.

The words that I’m bloggin’ are photolicious!


Gather ‘round my fellow shutterflies, this post goes out to you! Side note: Can I just take a second say how much I love that we can legally say, “we shoot people, take them into a dark room, then blow them up” for a living. (And not end up on an episode of Snapped)No pun intended...this time. 

Life as a professional photographer means our days are spent taking shots shots shots shots shots shots ERR’BODY, and our nights consist of croppin’ it like it’s hot into the early morning! Okay that was my last pun. Maybe. #Probablynot.  Basically what I’m trying to get at here is, we live our life frame by frame, but we always end up behind the lens, never in front of it. We are so busy capturing other families’ priceless moments that we forget to create our own. And I don’t know about you, but I am not about to get a spray tan from a girl whose skin tone is best described as “cheeto-licious” (true story-happened yesterday), so why would our field be any different?? To put it less dramatically (if I’m capable), we need to practice what we preach! 

Aside from the disturbing mental image I just gave all of you, there are other important reasons for why getting professional pictures taken of your fambam is a must–do. First, not only does it feel good to let someone else take the reins for once-or in this case, the camera strap-but now you also have tangible evidence to prove that your bunch is the “Royal Family of the States”. Charlotte and George ain’t got nutin’ on your kiddos! So get your hair done, nails done, err’thang did and channel your inner Behati Prinsloo! (Adam Levine optional-but preferred). To bring this full circle I will end in the same way I began-with lyrics from another timeless classic by the inspirational Madonna, “Come on, vogue!”


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Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you so very much Maria!
maria - Your work is amazing!!! I fall in love with each of your masterpiece. As well as with every bit of truth the you type!!
maria - Your work is amazing!!! I fall in love with each of your masterpiece. As well as with every bit of truth the you type!!
Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you so much!
Lindsey Gutierrez - Thank you so much Traci! I so need to have updated photos I feel it was just yesterday that we did ours I realized its almost been 2 years and my girls have grown so much since!
Traci Nieto - Stunning! This words are so true. We take little time for ourselves and need to practice what we preach. Great duo Lindsay and Deb!
Deborah Morrison - The photos are elegant and truly beautiful!